Best Affordable Office Chairs 2024 Reviews – Top 8 Picks

If you are a hardworking student or an officer, the first and essential thing you should buy for long hours of working is the best affordable office chairs 2024. As there are numerous office chairs available in the market, many people find it challenging to choose the perfect one.

Moreover, sometimes the low-budget restrain from purchasing a comfortable seat. But it’s more important to note that using the wrong chair can cause severe backache, digestive problems, and cardiovascular diseases. It also leads to increased body weight and more fatigue.

So the use of an appropriate chair is very crucial. Don’t worry that purchasing an office chair needs to break the bank. The best affordable office chairs 2024 can also keep you relax during extended working hours.

Best Affordable Office Chairs 2024 Comparison Table

Don’t bother yourself to find the best affordable office chairs 2024 for your new office or home use because we are doing it for you. After a lot of research, we came up with the following list of the best affordable office chairs 2024 for your convenience.

We have gathered the office chairs designed by top brands because they introduce quality products. Moreover, we selected those office chairs that are ergonomic, comfortable, and best fit for every office. The modern office chairs come with many handy features. The best affordable office chairs 2024 on our list offer easy adjustment settings.

So, every user can manage the chair according to their needs. These seats are made with durable and robust material. Some of these are the best affordable office chairs 2024 that everyone can buy with ease.

Product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Feature 4 Price
AmazonBasics Upholstered 360-degree swivel smooth-rolling casters 250-pound maximum weight capacity BIFMA Certified Check Price
Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Ergonomic design Easy to assemble Locking mechanism Comfy armrests Check Price
Furmax Office Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Breathable mesh back 360 degree swivel wheels thick padded Seat Reliable and sturdy Check Price
AmazonBasics Leather-Padded, Ergonomic, Adjustable, Swivel Office Desk Chair Made with brown PU upholstery Adjustable-height padded seat weighs 26.7 pounds tilt control Check Price
Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming, High Back Ergonomic Adjustable Headrest and lumbar support  leather and bucket seat  Padded armrests Durable and breathable Check Price
AmazonBasics Mesh, Mid-Back contoured mesh back 225-pound maximum weight capacity Dual-wheel casters Pneumatic seat-height adjustment Check Price
Ergonomic Office Chair Cheap Desk Chair  Ergonomic construction breathable mesh and mid back heavy-duty metal base 360 degrees swivel Check Price
Smugdesk Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Lumbar Support Mesh Computer Desk Task Chair reliable lumbar support  Multi-function Mechanism Breathable Padding Seat Supports up to 270 lbs. Check Price

1. AmazonBasics Upholstered, Low-Back, Office Desk Chair

If you want extra comfort and ultra-convenience while you’re working from home or at the office, use this superb AmazonBasics Upholstered desk chair. You will better connect with your clients when you’re comfortable.

It provides a distinctively professional look to your posture. Offers reliable support to your back that helps you sit in your office for hours without any issue. You can easily adjust the chair according to the height of the table. Raising it up or lowering it down is not a hectic job.

You can easily lower it down by being seated and pull the handle upwards till the desired height is not adjusted. For raising the chair, remove your weight from the seat and pull the pneumatic control handle up, and that’s it. 

It comes with many useful features that make it a choice for every person requiring ease and a relaxing environment for their work. It makes you functional and active to work for long, and you’ll not be feeling tired even at the end of the day. 

Sitting posture is an essential thing to look at if you want to keep your back and shoulders away from any strain. Supports your back with the extra padding and high back feature to keep you going and save you from any sort of back pain

If your office is overcrowded with numerous machines and you have to move around every day, keep sitting. This phenomenal chair has sturdy smooth-rolling casters that make you easily drag the chair wherever you want. 

Moreover, if you need to turn around a lot to reach the printer or any other device in your office, this chair is there to help you out. With up to 360 degrees swivel, it makes you turn easily towards the desired place.  

With the mini seat plate, curved contours, and useful adjusting settings, it keeps your body firm and relaxed to work the whole day long. 

  • Breathable fabric.nPadded seat.nEasy seat height adjustments.n360-degrees swivel.nRobust nylon casters.
  • No armrests.

2. Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair

For those who want to have a desk chair that is easy to install, here is an incredible option available for them. What an outstanding chair it is, which provides all the hardware and essential tools for assembling the chair in minutes.

If you are getting too excited to enjoy its comfortable feel, be happy, it will be assembled in only 10-15 minutes. So, you can play your favorite games or start office work with comfort and ultra-convenience instantly.  

When you have to sit for long hours, it feels so irritating when your back warms with the chair back. It not only makes you sit comfortably but also makes you feel good by providing a breathable mesh back. The air circulates, which doesn’t keep your back feel any hotness when leaning. So, you will not be irritated by long hours of working in the summer season when using this desk chair. 

Many chairs don’t come with the armrests that most customers do complain about. Ergonomic Desk Chair features ergonomic armrests to help you relax your arms when done with hard tasks. 

You will love its comfortable feel that keeps you going to work hard without any issue. In your daily routine, you’ll be doing all your office tasks comfortably because of the extra comfort it offers to you. With the thick padded seat, it helps you sit adequately and feel relaxed.

Its creative design is a perfect fit for those working for a long time in their office or home. Whether you’re working on your PC, attending a meeting, or gaming, it will prove to be a better companion who cares about you and your comfort level.

With 360 degrees swivel, it allows you to do multiple tasks without leaving the chair conveniently. Furthermore, durable casters provide perfect mobility and ultra-convenience when moving around the office for different tasks.

  • Easy to install.n360 degrees swivel.nTension control.nBreathable mesh back.nComfortable armrests.
  • Armrests are lower.nBack support needs improvement from the mid-side.

3. Furmax Office Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk 

If you want an office chair that is not only comfortable to sit in but also helps you move around without any extra effort, then you are in the right place. Furmax Office is the best office chair under $50 2024 with 360 degrees swivel casters. These robust casters are constructed with sturdy PU material for high-efficiency.

It makes you easily turn around towards your colleagues sitting at your back. If you share an office with someone, he’ll not be irritated by the chair’s movement because it is noiseless.

If we talk about the overall construction of the chair, it’s too sturdy and handles the 265 lbs easily. Furthermore, it comes with a breathable mesh back and gives a cool feel on hot days.

It is a simple and classy fit for your office and home. Whether you are using it for your office use or studying at home, it will help you do all your tasks by giving you a relaxed feeling. Its incredible design will fit perfectly into your home or office decor.

You can move it forward or backward according to your need; when you are tired of doing some hectic job and want to relax a bit, lean back on the chair. With the tilting feature, it keeps your shoulders and back relaxed and protects them from any pain.

For adjusting the tilt tension, use the knob provided beneath the chair’s sitting area. At the angle that you want to fix it, lock it via the handle available under the chair. 

If you and your siblings share the same chair, everyone can adjust the chair’s height with the table according to their height. Whether wanting to lift it up or pull down, it’s more than easy. It allows the users to adjust the height according to their sitting preferences. 

  • Breathable mesh back.nErgonomic design.n360 degrees swivel wheels.nSupports up to 265 lbs. nAdjustable for different tables’ height.
  • Difficult to assemble.nNarrow armrest.

4. AmazonBasics Leather-Padded, Ergonomic, Office Desk Chair

Are you looking for a desk chair for your office where you mostly attend the meetings and want to sit relaxed? AmazonBasics is a superb office chair that keeps you relaxed by providing ultra-comfortable nylon arms with sturdy upholstery pads. Besides, these arms ensure more comfort to help you work for a long time. 

To give your office a perfect look, this incredible chair is designed with lots of care. It provides a professional appearance to your office and a classy look to your study room.

Whenever you need to tilt the chair, use the tilt control for faster adjustment. It is an adjustable seat that allows you to fix it according to the table’s height within no time. Furthermore, the material of the chair is too sturdy and comfy. The faux leather is the material used for constructing the back and seat area so that you enjoy every moment in your office with this outstandingly remarkable and efficient desk chair.  

The base of the chair is too durable that can handle the weight of a sitting person very efficiently. The base contains 5 legs with casters that make mobility easy. The chair moves swiftly around the room with these sturdy casters. Moreover, you can rely on it because it is BIFMA Certified.

Adjust the height of the chair as per your requirement. If you want to raise the chair, just leave the seat and simply pull up the handle. But lowering down the chair height doesn’t even bother you to stand up. Being seated, pull the handle up, and the seat will be pulled down.

Besides, it features tilt control to help you to tilt more or less according to your requirement. If you are buying this chair for a busy office, its design will help you do the bulk of work in a restful way. 

  • Tilt control.nSturdy casters.nAdjustable height.nNylon base.nOne year limited warranty.
  • Average height chair.nThe backrest needs improvement.

5. Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming, High Back Chair

Are you an enthusiastic gamer or a busy officer? This chair is just perfect for you. It is designed for people who want to buy a comfortable chair to play or work for a long duration. For supporting your neck and spine, it features a high backrest. So, it helps you keep on playing with a comfortable body posture and peace of mind.    

It is made with a perfect mesh design and lasting leather that keeps you relax during the entire working day. Don’t think this chair will be warm to sit at in Summers; the breathable construction will feel you relax even then. 

It makes your busy days even more tension-free by giving you a relaxed mood because of its flawless design. Rock forth or back whenever you want. The backrest is 2 inches, and the padded seat is about 3 inches, which makes you sit comfortably and enjoy whatever you are doing.

The seat can bear 280 lbs weight very easily, so sit without fear of its breakage or damage. For smooth mobility, it offers 360 degrees swivel wheels attached to the 5-star base. Besides, the casters move swiftly and don’t scratch or mark the floor when moving fastly here and there.

You can use it with different tables conveniently because it allows adjustment of the height. With the pneumatic gas control, lift it up or down according to your need.  

It is such a handy and useful chair that doesn’t leave any need of buying extra tools for assembling it. The installation hardware and installation tool, along with the chair, are also available. Moreover, to help you install it without any problem, the box includes an installation manual.

With the comfy armrests, enjoy more comfort and relaxation when wanting to take some rest.  

  • High backrest.n360 degrees swivel wheels.nPerfect design for gaming and offices.nLeather construction.nErgonomic design.
  • The armrest is not adjustable.nDifficult to understand manual instructions.

6. AmazonBasics Mesh, Mid-Back, Adjustable, Office Desk Chair

AmazonBasics Mesh is a superb office chair that is easy-to-assemble. The process of assembling needs about 15-20 minutes, and it’s all set to use. The built-quality of the chair is relatively better. At such a price, this chair is not a burden on your pocket, but you get a perfect fit for your office and home use.  

Available in black color that looks fantastic in your office. The construction of the chair makes it more comfortable. This mesh cushioned chair ensures more relaxation with the T-shaped armrests made of nylon. The mesh back is breathable.

It helps you to conveniently move the chair with the five casters having dual-wheels. By adding dual-wheels, it provides more durability and smooth mobility to help you move easily. It is capable of handling up to 225 pounds of weight. 

With the pneumatic controls, you can easily adjust the chair as per your need. Whether you want to tilt it forward or towards the back, it is quite possible. If you want to lift the chair up or pull down, you can do it within no time very easily. For pulling the chair up, lean ahead and pull the handle upwards. For pulling the chair down, do the same procedure without leaving the seat.

To tilt it back, you have to pull the handle out, and it’s ready to make you feel comfortable for doing routine tasks. Perfect for people with a tall height, and they will never feel their feet hovering in the air.  

The armrests are not attached to the back that is favorable for tall users. The mid-back mesh chair gives you more ease and comfort throughout the busy days.  

  • Fully adjustable.n225-pound weight capacity.nEasy mobility through dual-wheel casters.nOne year limited warranty.nComfy mid-back.
  • Non Adjustable armrest.nNo lumbar support.

7. Ergonomic Office Chair Cheap Desk Chair

If you want a seat that can easily handle more weight, here is the Ergonomic Office desk chair suitable for your needs. It can bear 250 pounds, so if your fat colleagues use your chair often, it will not be defaced.  

It is a pretty better option for satisfying the requirements of everyday life. For long use, the high-ventilated mesh back and comfortable cushion seat is provided so you can keep going. When trying to relax during the hard office work, sit back and feel relaxed with its ergonomic design.

Assembling this chair is not difficult. Within 10-15 minutes, you’ll be done with assembling the chair, so start using it shortly after unboxing. Moreover, this incredible chair comes with all the tools and hardware required for assembling the chair. So, don’t go into the hassle of finding the needed tools here and there in the house.

It makes you work for long without any hassle because the chair is too comfortable. Move the chair smoothly around the room with its sturdy five wheels down the robust steel base. 

With better lumbar support, you will experience a better sitting posture that will save you from backache. Furthermore, it will let you keep working for the whole day long without any issue. With the 360 degrees swivel position, you can easily turn around without getting up from your seat.  

Use this chair for working on your computer at home or in the office. This computer chair is convenient to pull down or raise up due to a 120 ml gas lift. All the parts of this seat are durable, sturdy, and long-lasting that is made for both men and women.

  • Highly comfortable to sit.n360 degrees swivel.nPerfect for home and office use.nBreathable mesh back. nEasy to assemble.
  • Lacks armrests.nAwkward position of the adjusting handle.

8. Smugdesk Mid-Back Ergonomic Office Desk Task Chair

All the busy officers who have to sit for extended hours will find Smugdesk Mid-Back a reliable seat for daily use. This comfy chair having a mid-back ergonomic design with lumbar support will help you sit in a better posture. By ensuring proper sitting posture, it will protect you from shoulders and backache.

The padding chair is made up of breathable mesh material and a thick sponge. This material saves your body from sweating up and feeling warm sensations when you have to sit for the whole day long on hot summer days. 

By supporting 270 lbs weight, it can handle more weighty people even more conveniently. The Smugdesk Mid-Back seat is relatively better than many other competitors because it is multi-functional. Besides, with pneumatic controls, adjust the chair as you want.  

When you are done with heavy workloads, sit comfortably and start rocking by using the rocking mode. The rocking is what we do out of fun, but it is quite good for health. For rocking the chair, pull the handle outwards and pull in when you want to stop. 

Smoothly move around in your office with the durable PU casters that provide swift and faster mobility. You can easily move it on the carpet as well as the hard floor without damaging it. Furthermore, it moves without creating any noise. So, your friends will not be irritated by your frequent movements and won’t ask you to stop moving.  

  • Lumbar support.nComfortable chair backrest.nBreathable material.nSupports 270 lbs weight.nAccurate height adjustment.
  • Short armrests.nAverage look.


We tried to help you purchase the best affordable office chairs 2024 by discussing the above list. No doubt all the selected office chairs are too good but AmazonBasics Upholstered is our top pick. By offering outstanding features, it stands out among many office chairs available in the market. 

Furmax Office Mid Back is the best office chair 2024 under 50 dollars in our list. So, if you have a low budget for buying an office chair, don’t worry, this chair is quite better than the price you pay.

Moreover, those who want the best cheap office chair 2024 will be glad to know that we enlisted Ergonomic Office Chair here. It is the best cheap office chair that has almost all the features which the high-end chairs have. You better know your price range and demands well, so choose the one that seems more attractive to you.

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How essential lumbar support is?

The office chair should have lumbar support. The lumbar support provides proper support to the lower portion of the back. It also keeps the spine in its position and helps the user to sit in a correct posture. 

What are the benefits of a mesh chair?

The mesh chairs may look not much comfortable as the padded chairs are, but they are too useful. The mesh chairs make your sitting posture better. Besides, they are breathable that keeps the air circulating to ensure a cool feeling. 

Should the office chair be ergonomic?

It’s better to have an ergonomic chair because it will not cause back or neck pain after prolonged hours of working. It helps the user to sit comfortably and is long-lasting. These chairs are maybe a bit expensive but are better at keeping away any physical issues related to bad chair usage. 

Are office chairs durable?

The durability of office chairs depends on the material used in it and the brand that produces it. On average, the durable chairs last for seven to ten years.