Best Office Chair Under $300 in 2024 Reviews – Top 10 Picks

The common physical problem that most of the officers have is back pain. To eliminate this issue, it is more important for them to use the best office chair under 300 in 2024. Why are we recommending the comfortable chair? It is just because using the wrong chair is the main issue that causes back pain.

The officers have to sit for long hours in their offices every day, and if they are sitting in the wrong posture for years, obviously, it will create backache and other bodily issues. If you are having a low budget and thinking of delaying the purchase of your office chair, here is a better solution for this issue. Buy the best office chair under 300 in 2024, it will not be a burden on your budget, and you’ll reduce the chances of backache from becoming worse too.

Best Office Chair Under 300 in 2024 Comparison Table

Keeping it in your mind that buying an expensive chair is not an easy task, that’s why we selected the best office chairs under 300 in 2024 for you. The method of our selection is very accurate and perfect. We choose chairs that are designed ergonomically. These chairs include adjustable parts so that the users can easily do the settings as they need.

Because you have to sit for long hours, so the seat should definitely be comfortable. Our list includes chairs that are not only perfect for office use but also home use. By buying the best office chair under 300 in 2024, you will save your money and get a better product because we have selected top brand chairs here.

Now, it’s time to go through the whole list we have chosen for you.

Product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Feature 4 Price
Nokaxus Gaming Chair High-back Massager Lumbar Support Retractable Footrest 90-180 degree adjustment of backrest Check Price
RESPAWN HIGH STAKES-R Fortnite Racing Style Rocker Rocking Gaming Chair  high back with segmented padding full 118 degree recline 360 degrees swivel Stain-resistant material Check Price
Dowinx Gaming Chair Massage Lumbar Support 360° swivel and smooth racing caster wheels  90°-180° reclining Bot for office and home use Check Price
Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair Adjustable Headrest Flip-Up Arms Lumbar Support and PU Wheels Tilt Function Check Price
Office Chair, Ergonomics Mesh Chair Adjustable Headrest and Armrests Lumbar support 3D Armrests  Breathable Mesh Check Price
Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair Height Adjustable Arms with Adjustable Lumbar Smooth-rolling casters Cooling mesh back 400 pound weight capacity Check Price
SP Velvet Office Chair  Adjustable Tilt Angle  Flip-up Arms Thick Padding for Comfort  nylon smooth-rolling casters Check Price
Serta 44942 Executive Office Chair Contoured Lumbar and ComfortCoils Bonded Leather Easy adjustment controls 250 lbs weight capacity  Check Price
SIHOO Ergonomics Office Chair Adjustable Headrests Adjustable backrest  ergonomic design  One year warranty Check Price
Komene Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair Breathable Mesh Flip-up Armrests Tilt Recline Backrest larger than other chairs Check Price

Nokaxus Gaming Chair

If you want to enjoy playing your favorite games on a perfect gaming chair, the Nokaxus gaming chair is a better option for you. Those who want to play or work the whole day long will find it an excellent seat. By emphasizing ergonomics, it gives full support to your back and neck.

Tilt it backward from 90 to 180 degrees according to your requirement. Then you can easily do different tasks like gaming, work, rest, and massage. This chair comes with many features including, a large size, comfortable footrest, broad back, and support for the neck.

With PU leather, it becomes a sturdy and durable gaming chair. This chair can rotate 360 degrees that help you move around without any effort. For providing ultra-relaxation, the head and waist pillow can be adjusted as per your need. Moreover, the waist pillow comes with a USB massage function that ensures more comfort to the user.

Not only for work, but it is a perfect fit for relaxing also. With the retractable footrest, you can sit comfortably by keeping your foot on the footrest. This one of the best office chairs under 300 in 2024 will help you relax more and increases blood flow. By using the footrest, you can easily relax, sleep, play games, or watch movies. When you want to go back to your work, drag the footrest inwards and straighten your legs to sit actively.

  • USB massage function.n360 degrees rotation.nWaist and back pillow.nRetractable footrest.
  • Assembling parts looks difficult.nUncomfortable arms.n

RESPAWN HIGH STAKES-R Rocking Gaming Chair

RESPAWN HIGH STAKES-R is a racing-style chair made for ensuring ultra-convenience to the users. With the wide seat and high back, it makes you sit comfortably. Allows you to sit in front of the TV for long hours without any back and neck ache. 

The overall construction of the best ergonomic office chair under $300 is too impressive. High back ensures every person to sit comfortably, and it is also fit for tall people. To give full support to your back and neck, cushions are provided to help you sit in the right posture. So, this way, you can keep yourself safe from physical illnesses attached to wrong sitting postures. 

Enjoy your rest time with the innovative features it comes with. The armrests are easy to flip up to relax your arms when you are too tired of your office work. For adjusting the seat without any effort, it offers a tilt tension adjustment feature. Play games or watch movies comfortably without lying in your bed because it can tilt back up to 118 degrees.

The material of the chair matters a lot when we talk about durability. This chair is long-lasting and durable because of the water-resistant covering that provides it extra strength and makes it reliable. So, gaming is now more fun and thrill because you’ll play sitting more comfortably on this high-quality chair. 

  • Stain-resistant and durable material.nPadded armrests.nHigh back.nLumbar support.n
  • No pillow adjustment. nDoesn’t have wheels.nThe seat can’t raise or get low.n

Dowinx Gaming Chair Office

Dowinx Gaming Chair Office is the better chair for those who have to sit for extended hours every day. The ergonomic design of the chair makes it a choice for every person looking for a comfortable seat. It helps you keep on playing your most-liked games and work with ease. 

The high-quality leather construction makes it suitable for any type of use. The comfy construction of the chair supports your back with a lumbar and head pillow that is suitable for every body shape. By having caster wheels, the chair can move swiftly. So, don’t get up from the seat and easily drag the chair towards the nearby table to grab your snacks. 

Provides reclining up to 90-180 degrees to make you enjoy every moment of watching movies, reading, napping, gaming, or even working. 

Whenever you are in a mood to relax your body, use the retractable footrest to feel ultra-comfort. When wanting to get back to your work, pull the footrest inside to let your legs be straight. Moreover, it allows 20 degrees rocking to provide extra comfort.

Equally best for both the officers and gamers. It comes with a winged back that protects your spine and whole back through massage support and innovative back design. 

  • Winged back.nComfortable armrests.n360 swivel.nSturdy casters.nSturdy construction.n
  • It’s noisy.nNon-adjustable armrests.n

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Do you want to buy a chair that is totally under your control? Here is a better option for you, and that is the Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh chair, which is designed to have the user full control of the chair and adjust it. You can easily adjust the height of the head, back, and seat as per your need.

Not only this, but you can flip the armrests up whenever you need them. Use this best ergonomic office chair under 300 in 2024 to enjoy your office work.

People of tall height can also sit comfortably because it is perfect for people having 5.5 to 6.3 inches in height. Use it for long hours without any back or neck ache because it’s too cozy. So, you can call it the best office chair for lower back pain under $300.

The large chair makes it possible for every person to use it. It accommodates everybody due to its large sitting space. The chair can bear 280 lbs weight, so if you are a bit healthy, no issue, it will be a perfect fit for your body weight. 

Whether you want to sit straight or tilt towards the back, this chair allows both sorts of sitting postures. You can easily tilt the seat’s back up to 90-120 degrees freely. So, enjoy your work and gaming both by the way you want to sit.   

Due to the mesh seat and mesh back, there is no interruption in air circulation. Furthermore, that construction ensures extra comfort. 

  • Sturdy construction.nEasy installation.nPerfect for tall people.nFlipping armrests.nAdjustable parts.n
  • Headrest adjustment needs improvement. nLacks lumbar adjustment. n

Office Chair, Ergonomics Mesh Chair

Do you want a versatile office chair that is perfect for placing anywhere? The SMUGDESK office chair is designed for home and office use. You can keep it in the conference room, meeting room, or reception in the office. While at home, you can place it in your bedroom, study room, and gaming room. 

When it comes to the features of the chair, you’ll be glad to know that it has all that you might be wanting your office chair to have. To promote a perfect sitting posture, it provides adjustable seat height and adjustable headrest. With the breathable mesh back and seat, you will experience extra comfort. This mesh chair is comfortable and makes the air circulate smoothly to keep the user cool.  

The 3D adjustable armrests and lumbar support are provided for making this chair a better fit for long hours of use. It offers 360 degrees swivel to turn around without any hassle. The smooth-moving sturdy casters help the user to move here and there swiftly.

The design of the chair not only lets you sit comfortably but also reduces pressure on different parts of the back, including the shoulders and neck. The contoured-shaped headrest makes the user sit firmly. 

  • Ergonomic design.nFit for office and home use both.n3D armrests. nBreathable mesh back and seat.nLumbar support.n
  • Lumbar support is non-adjustable.nNot too wide.n

Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

If you are having back pain and want to buy an office chair that can support your back, stop here, we are bringing an excellent chair for you. With the adjustable lumbar support, it supports your back fully, so the right posture will not lead to backache or neck pain. It is the most comfortable office chair under 300.

Sadie’s seating collection includes this tall office chair that makes everyone sit comfortably, no matter how tall they are. This chair is capable of holding up 400 pounds of weight. You can easily pull it up or down according to your height or need by its height-adjustable arms. 

The 360 degrees swivel makes the user enjoy every moment they are spending on the seat. Not only the look of the chair is superb, but the performance is also outstanding. 

It can move very smoothly with sturdy casters so that you can go to the other end of your table without any issue. The durable five wheels make the movement swift while gives proper support to the chair also.

The seat is too comfortable to sit. The back of the chair is made up of breathable fabric that makes the air circulation possible. The material of this chair is also durable and keeps the user more relaxed. 

  • Breathable mesh back.nDurable casters.nAdjustable armrests. n400-pound weight capacity.nErgonomic design.n
  • Somewhat expensive.nSmall armrests.n

SP Velvet Office Chair

Do you want to have an office chair that doesn’t take up more storage space? SP Velvet is the office chair made to provide extra convenience while bringing more ease of storing the chair. By flipping the armrests upwards, it becomes possible for you to drag the chair under the table to save space in your office.

It cares about you too much; that’s why it doesn’t let you sit in an inappropriate posture. With the soft seat and padded backrest, it helps you maintain a proper sitting posture. Moreover, don’t think about backache after sitting for long hours because its contoured back provides full support to your lower body and back.    

The higher quality velvet seat also features the soft foam filling that makes you sit comfortably. The design of the chair is superb, which makes it look beautiful in your office.  

For faster and smooth mobility, nylon casters are added to the chair. The sturdy nylon base provides durable support. The maximum weight capacity of the chair is about 280 lbs that makes everyone use it without any tension. 

Features Leisure mode that makes the chair lean towards the back up to 30 degrees. It means either you can sit straight at 90 degrees or tilt back up to 120 degrees easily. 

  • Leisure mode.nNylon base and casters.nVelvet fabric seat.nFlip-up armrests.n360 degrees swivel.n
  • It’s noisy.nAverage armrest. n

Serta 44942 Executive Office Chair

Serta 44942 Executive is an outclass product of Serta, a well-known company that ensures quality. If you want more comfort in your routine, try this fantastic chair that comes with a 5-layer cushioning system. Enjoy the extra ease and comfort when trying to get done with your hectic office tasks. 

To increase your productivity, it offers a contouring seat and comfy headrest that makes you active for the rest of the routine activities. Provides adjustable parts that make it a better fit for every office use. 

Constructed with durable leather that not only ensures comfort but is also easy to clean. Due to its high-quality material, it becomes perfect for office use as well as for home use. 

By offering a 10 years limited warranty, Serta makes you freely use it. Moreover, it also gives the trust that the chair is durable. 

It comes with padded armrests that help you to relax during the hectic tasks of the office. With 250 lbs maximum weight capacity, it proves itself to be better than many other competitors. 

You can very easily adjust the height of the chair to meet the requirements of different people when using it in a meeting room. The height can be adjusted with the set up provided under the seat. 

  • Sturdy construction.n250 lbs of weight capacity.nFit for both home and office use.nBonded leather.n10 years limited warranty.n
  • Non-removable arms.n

SIHOO Ergonomics Office Chair

Do you want an office chair that provides the facility of headrest with proper adjustments? Here we are discussing the SIHOO Ergonomics Office Chair that offers such features that others don’t. It comes with a comfy headrest that you can adjust at 45 degrees for your ease. Moreover, if you are a tall person and want to adjust it according to your height, you can comfortably lift it up almost 3.94 inches.

Ergonomically designed office chair features cozy armrests that can be lowered down or raised up to 2.76 inches for one’s convenience. The backrest is designed totally according to the standard rules that reduce pressure on the back when you have to sit for extended hours in the office. 

The chair is fully in accordance with the design of the spine, so you will feel ultra-comfort and no back issues when gaming for longer. 

Whenever you are tired and want to rest a bit during hectic office work, tilt the chair from 90 degrees to 125 degrees without any issue. The lumbar pillow is easy to adjust according to your need or preference. 

What an outstanding chair it is! The uniquely designed “W type” cushion helps you sit firmly in your place. 

  • Adjustable parts.nW type cushion.nErgonomic design.nSturdy and lasting aluminum foot.n330 lbs of weight capacity.n
  • Noisy.nArmrests don’t adjust horizontally.n

Komene Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair

All the mesh breathable material lovers should be glad to know that we have a fantastic option for them. Komene Ergonomic is an incredible office chair made with breathable mesh fabric that keeps you cool no matter how long you have to sit. If you have more work in the office, be relax, it allows the user to sit comfortably for about 5-8 hours in summer. 

The back pressure adjuster makes it easy for you to set the chair as you require and enjoy long hours of gaming with your siblings or friends. 

It is equally perfect for office and home use. You can keep it in the meeting room or conference room at the office, which will have a good impact on your clients with its beautiful look. You can keep it in the study room at home to attract your children towards the study because of the comfort they’ll feel using it. 

Flip the arm up whenever you are done with your work and leaving the office. With up to 90 degrees flipping the arms up, you get the opportunity to pull the chair inside the desk to make more space for easy movements.

Accommodates different body weights easily because it is a wider chair as compared to many others. 

  • Flip-up armrests.nLumbar support.nDifferent adjustable parts.nComfortable and breathable mesh fabric.nRobust casters.n
  • Non-adjustable seat depth.nFix lumbar support.n


No doubt selecting the best office chair under 300 in 2024 is not an easy job. But after long hours of research, we came with the above list. We love how all the chairs on our list are designed, but always there is a top pick. Nokaxus Gaming Chair has won the hearts of many users due to its outstanding features; that’s why we placed it on top of our list.  

The runner up of our list is RESPAWN HIGH STAKES-R Rocking Gaming Chair. It is also a combination of many handy features that will help you sit, relax, and feel comfortable in your office the whole day long.

You can easily understand how much we research and put our efforts to select the best office chair under 300 in 2024 by using Komene Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair. Although it is the last on our list, however, it is a high-rated product. It shows how dedicated we are to bringing quality products that even our last chair is high rated and how much efficient the top of the list chairs would be.


How much weight should an office chair have? 

Different brands make office chairs of different weights, but a standard chair must have a 22-27 kg weight capacity. Moreover, the standard chairs are capable of holding weight up to 113 kg. 

What is the exact location of lumbar support in an office chair? 

The lumbar support should be exactly opposite to your back’s curve. If the lumbar support is not fitting your back, it will not be a good decision to use that chair.

How to adjust the height of the office chair? 

Most of the office chairs have a lever down the seat that helps the user to adjust the height of the chair. Keep sitting and pull the lever to change the settings. In some chairs, instead of a lever, a knob is added that makes adjustment easier. 

What is the perfect height of an office chair?

If we talk about the average height of most of the office chairs, it is between 41 to 52 cm. You can easily check the height of the chair to see that it fits your height or not. Sit on the chair; if your feet lay flat on the ground and your computer is perfectly in line with your elbows, it’s the right height for you.