Best Ergonomic desk chair under $200 with buying guide 2024

Do you want to start a business or office? Do you have a hard time while picking the best ergonomic office chair under $200 for your place? If yes, your problem will be solved by the end of this blog. In this blog, we will sort out this problem for you with our comprehensive research.

Have you asked anyone about the best desk chair under 200? You surely got the answer that it is impossible to do this task because desk chairs have higher prices. In the upcoming sections, we will solve this problem for you and show you the list of the most comfortable office chairs under 200.

Best Desk Chair Under $200 2024 Comparison Table

A wide range of desk chairs is available on the internet, having different materials. It has become difficult for everyone to find the best desk chair under 200 when they have too many choices. So, we have checked many of those and found the following list of the best products.

Product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Feature 4 Price
NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair Comfortable Cushion Height adjustable armrest adjustable back lumber 5-Year Manufacturing Warranty Check Price
Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair Breathable Mesh Height adjustable seat anti collapse sponge cushion  SGS Certification Check Price
KOLLIEE Mid Office Chair flip up armrests high resilience foam cushion durable 360 degree swivel Check Price
OFM ESS High Back Office Chair   Ergonomic Formed Seat   250 lb weight capacity   Elite Gaming Performance Cradling Back Support Check Price
Amazon Basics Executive Office Desk Chair   perfect for home office BIFMA Certified 360-Degree Swivel 275Lb Capacity Check Price

1. NOUHAUS Palette Ergonomic Office Chair- best high back office chair under 200

On the top position of our list, we have the highest-priced desk chair having a price lower than $200. If you want to get rid of dull chairs, it will be the best choice for you to choose this stylish chair. It is available in different colors, having lines on the body of the complete chair to make it perfect for every situation.

The essential quality that makes it capable of placing at the top position is the chair’s back. Usually, you will buy a chair in which you can adjust the height of the seat. But you will find this chair the best and unique because it will enable you to adjust the chair’s back height.

In this way, you can make your chair’s back high enough to give you proper support at your desired body point. Also, it will never let your neck and backbone get hurt. Therefore, we recommend you to pick this higher price product if you have a back problem

  • Breathable back.u003cbr /u003eComfortable seat to sit for hoursu003cbr /u003eEasy to assemble.u003cbr /u003eMulti-functional desk chair.
  • You can’t lock the backrest but adjust it for a little.u003cbr /u003e

2. Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair- Best value ergonomic office chair

If you prefer beauty and style more than anything else, you should try this chair by Hbada. It is a heavy-duty and long-lasting product from the entire list of our handpicked best office chairs under 200. This chair is manufactured by keeping a human-oriented concept in mind. 

From the bottom to the uppermost point, it has been manufactured just according to human body shape. Therefore It means that this chair will provide support to every part of your body ideally. Consequently, you will feel comfortable for a long time and can complete your work by sitting on this chair. 

Another fantastic feature of this desk chair is its height-adjustability property. You can adjust the seat’s height to make it reliable for any desk quickly with the pump given below the seat. In turn, you can easily make yourself comfortable with a chair and desk within a short time. It is the most comfortable office chair under $200

  • Quality material to make it long-lastingu003cbr /u003eStylish and supportive.u003cbr /u003eLockable recline to make it comfortable.u003cbr /u003eBreathable mesh back.u003cbr /u003e
  • Not suitable for some short heighted peopleu003cbr /u003e

3. KOLLIEE Mid Office Chair – Best mesh office chair under 200

If we say that this desk chair is the best ergonomic office chair by KOLLIEE, it might be right. It is a desk chair with multi-functionality properties to make it perfect for everyone. You can use this chair for your work desk or study desk without any problem. 

First of all, it has a mesh back that will allow your body to breathe and release all tired feelings. Also, you will not get irritation because of sweat while working for many hours by sitting on one chair only. 

Its flippable arms make it perfect for any desk having any dimensions. Sometimes, it is difficult to adjust the chair under the table and grab your work appliance properly because of the wide chair dimensions. That is why this best desk chair under 200 has been made perfect with the property to remove the arms.

  • Cheapest price product.u003cbr /u003eAdjustable height with a single tapu003cbr /u003eMesh back made with quality material.u003cbr /u003eThe soft cushion used for seat manufacturing.u003cbr /u003eEasy to assemble and use. u003cbr /u003e
  • Not suitable for tall persons.u003cbr /u003e

4. OFM ESS Collection Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair- Best king size office chairs

If you have to work for many hours in a day, you need a chair that will absorb your tired feelings and keep you active. It is only possible when you have a comfortable chair made with a material that will not warm up your body but keep it in a perfect position. 

On the fourth place of our list, we have an office chair by OFM that has all these features. In this chair, you do not need to worry about comfort because of its softness and back. This chair has no mesh back but a more comfortable back because of the soft material. 

Moreover, It has the best feature that you must be looking for in an office chair: th tilting feature. While working in an office, you might need to grab some products from the back of your chair and have to stand up for this task. With this best desk chair, you can do this task without leaving space, as it will allow you to tilt the chair up to 360 degrees.

  • Premium quality material.u003cbr /u003eExtra comfortable chair.u003cbr /u003eQuick height adjustability.u003cbr /u003eTiltable back.u003cbr /u003e
  • No arms adjustability.u003cbr /u003e

5. Amazon Basics Executive Office Desk Chair – Best affordable desk chair

When we are talking about the best chairs for the office at affordable prices, we can’t ignore products by Amazon Basics. Here is another heavy-duty and perfect chair for your desk by the same manufacturer. 

This product has gained much attention from people looking just to take a startup in the business. It is because of its affordable price with different qualities almost unavailable in other chairs for the same task. 

You can easily buy multiple chairs by investing a little bit of your budget and fulfill your workplace requirements. This product has all those qualities that you must look for in an office chair. That is why we recommend you to get the set of chairs if you are looking to start a company and looking for the best office chair under $200. 

  • Decent product for every office.u003cbr /u003eComfortable for all.u003cbr /u003ePadded seat and back for long term use.u003cbr /u003eEasy to adjust the height.u003cbr /u003e
  • The leather product that might warm up your bodyu003cbr /u003e

What to look at while buying the best desk chair under 200?

While looking for the best office chair under 200, you must keep some factors in mind. These are the factors that will make sure that you are going to buy the best product for your space. Our experts have done a lot of hard work to list down those factors that your product must cover at any cost.

1. Material

First of all, you should examine the material of the desk chair to estimate different factors quickly. The chair’s material will enable you to check whether you will get a long-lasting product or just a piece of trash. It will also give you surety about the comfortable feeling you will get by sitting on the chair.

Every person knows that he has to sit on a desk chair for a lot of time without discrimination of usage of laptop or device. So, you must critically evaluate the material of the best desk chair under 200 to make sure that it has been manufactured with efficient material.

2. Maximum and minimum height

No doubt, you are going to buy a chair for a specific desk. What if you have to change the desk in the future? You might need to adjust the seat’s height to make it appropriate according to the dimensions of the desk.

If you have not checked the maximum and minimum height of a chair, you will not be able to tackle the above conditions. In turn, you will not be able to sit properly under the desk to complete your work quickly. Therefore, we recommend you read the product description carefully to check your desk chair’s maximum and minimum height.

3. Back and seat

Another factor that you have to evaluate critically while looking for a comfortable but affordable desk chair is the seat and back. Both these parts of the chairs will enable you to understand how it will feel while sitting on that chair.

You might get a lot of desk chairs available on the internet made with different materials. But we recommend you pick the best mesh office chair under 200 to give you comfort to an extra level. Also, you should make sure to get a desk chair seat made with a foam cushion to absorb a maximum of your tired feelings.

4. Cleanliness

Whether you are going to invest hundreds or thousands in buying the best desk chair, you should keep an eye on the cleaning process. Some chairs look amazing because of their structure and material, but you can’t clean them properly.

In such a case, your product will get dull after some time, and it would become difficult to clean it. If any customers report this problem, you should avoid that particular chair because it will only waste your time and money.


It is important to meet your budget in today’s era, so the above list will enable you to pick the best desk chair under 200 when you have to buy multiple products on your limited budget. You should explore these chairs for this task and find the best suit for you. Therefore It will enable you to buy the affordable and the best product by reading the above descriptions.