Best Big and Tall Office Chairs 2024 Reviews – Top 8 Picks

If you are big and tall, don’t use a small chair because the wrong chair will lead to backache or shoulder pain. It’s better to buy the best big and tall office chair 2024 to remain comfortable the entire day. 

Finding the best big and tall office chair 2024 is too difficult because there are many factors to consider when buying a perfect chair. An officer has to sit in his office for long periods, so it should be comfortable. If you think of the impact of a comfortable big and tall chair on you, let us answer. The ergonomic chair will make you sit firmly. When the body posture is right, you’ll not experience any bodily aches. So, prefer the best big and tall office chair 2024 if you do care about yourself.   

Best Big and Tall Office Chair 2024 Comparison Table

To help you find the best big and tall office chair 2024, we did a lot of research and enlisted the perfect ones here. We are saving your time of research because it was not easy to find the chairs with all the modern and handy features. We have selected the top brand chairs to ensure that you are buying the best products. 

The best big and tall office chair 2024 should have adjustable height so that every person can adjust it according to their height. The lumbar support, ergonomic design, and comfortable armrests are also essential features that we focused on during our research.

Other features that may seem ordinary to other people, but we also give them more consideration to bring quality products in front of you. These features include durable casters, sturdy construction, and soft seat material. In short, we enlisted the best chairs here to help you buy the perfect one for you.

Product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Feature 4 Price
Homall Gaming Chair Office Headrest and Lumbar Support 1.8mm thick steel frame Wear-resistant Pu Leather multi direction wheels Check Price
AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive, Swivel, Adjustable Office Desk Chair Bonded Black Leather Padded Seat and Back   Maximum weight capacity 275 pounds smooth rolling casters Check Price
Big and Tall Office Chair Lumbar Support and Headrest  easy to set up breathable PU Leather design  nylon smooth-rolling caster Check Price
OFM ESS Collection Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair  integrated headrest and arms center-tilt mechanism  250 lb weight capacity  360-degree swivel Check Price
Smugdesk Office Chair  High Back Padding Armrest  Adjustable Headrest Takes 15 minutes to install Check Price
YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair  Adjustable Tilt Angle  Flip-up Arms  High Back Weight capacity is 300 pounds Check Price
Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair Adjustable Lumbar support Smooth-rolling casters Height-adjustable arms  400 pound weight capacity Check Price
La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Office Chair Ergonomic Lumbar Support Bonded Leather  Heavy duty casters High Back Check Price

Homall Gaming Chair

If you are searching for a big and tall office chair that doesn’t become a burden on your budget, Homall Gaming Chair is a better option to consider. Because of its low-cost, everyone can buy it. Experience a lot of comfort with its PU leather construction that is wear-resistant. 

For ultra durability and comfort, it is made up of high-quality shaping foam. The overall construction of the chair is designed with much concentration. To give more strength to the chair, the 1.8 mm steel frame supports all the parts of this chair firmly. 

The shaping sponge is too comfortable and doesn’t collapse easily. As per the big and tall office chair reviews 2024, it supports more weight up to 300 lbs. You can roll this chair from your office table to your colleague’s table for discussing anything easily.

Don’t worry about the caster’s moving ability. The rubber casters are approved after passing the 1000 miles rolling test. Moreover, the wheels are multi-directional, making you move the chair in any direction you want to. 

If you want to play games or work longer, this office chair will relax you by providing comfortable body positioning. With the 360 degrees swivel, move around without any issue. 

The recline function makes it a perfect fit for every person who wants short relaxation periods during their hectic routine. Whenever you are done playing a game, tilt the seat up to 180 degrees towards the back to get relaxed. Adjust the knob that is available under the chair for rocking the chair back and forth swiftly.

  • Provides angle adjuster.nRubber casters.nClassy design.nEasy seat height adjustment.n
  • Armrests are not comfortable.nLacks footrest.n

AmazonBasics High-Back, Adjustable Office Desk Chair

The professional and sleek design of this chair makes it a necessity for every office. With the durable bonded leather, you will see it accompanying you for years. It is not like genuine leather; instead, it is too comfy and soft. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about its maintenance as genuine leather does require.  

The most exciting thing about this chair is that it is not as bulky as other chairs of the same price range available in the market. 

If we look at its features, you’ll find many of them as most beneficial. It comes with a high back design that is the demand of every tall person. It offers easy adjustments to help every user to set it according to their requirements.  

This best office chair 2024 for tall person can handle 275 pounds weight very conveniently. With an ergonomic back design, you can enjoy comfortable sitting even if you are using it for an extended time. To develop a perfect posture, lumbar support is available to some extent. 

The plush cushioning helps you to be seated relax. For providing ease and relaxation to your arms during work hours, the padded armrests are included. Not only the armrests are comfortable, but the back and seat are also ergonomically designed to offer extra comfort.

If your table is lower or high than your chair, adjust the seat’s height to work without any issue. It comes with a one-year limited warranty, which is another essential thing an office chair must include. 

  • Beautiful design.nSturdy construction.n275 pounds of maximum weight capacity.nSwiftly moving casters.nBIFMA Certified.n
  • Non-adjustable armrests.nPlastic parts are of average quality.n

Big and Tall Office Chair 500lbs

If you are searching for the best office chair 2024 for overweight person, here is the best office chair 2024 for 500 lbs. Handling more weight is not an issue for this chair. It is an excellent option to buy if different people are going to use it.

Not only accommodates weighty people but also helps the men and women to get the benefits of this chair equally. By providing headrest, it helps the users to relax during every hectic task and keep themselves fresh. 

If you’re furnishing a new home or office, it will help you focus on other matters of setting your office or study room because it needs less time for assembly. It will be all set within 10-15 minutes, and you can use it for relaxing when doing hard tasks.

Moreover, it also comes with the necessary tools required for assembly, so it saves your time and money buying new tools. 

This new and modern big and tall chair is eye-catching due to its look and its performance. Ensures extra comfort by adding padded armrests that are quite comfortable. The back and seat of this comfy chair are made with PU leather which is soft bonded and durable. Cleaning and maintenance of PU leather is not an issue to worry about. The overstuffed cushion is made with high-density, soft, and comfortable foam. 

Due to the sturdy metal base that features nylon robust casters and 360 degrees swivel, you get an easily moveable and stable chair. It offers the opportunity to set the chair’s height according to your requirement to sit comfortably. 

  • Breathable PU leather.nBeautiful design.nExcellent built-quality.nRobust metal base.n500 lbs maximum weight capacity. n
  • Wague instructions in manual.nNeeds more storage space.n

OFM ESS Collection Leather High Back Office Chair

If you are an enthusiastic gamer and want the same feel in your office that you do feel at home when gaming, then buy a gaming chair like the OFM ESS Collection Racing chair. This fantastic chair is an ergonomically designed seat with an outstanding racing style. Offers luxury and ultra-comfort for extended working hours.  

It comes with segmented padding and a contoured design for ultra-relaxation and keeping the upper body in a proper posture. The construction of the seat helps the user to sit without any body issues. 

With the integrated headrest, you can enjoy sitting in it if gaming for long hours. When tired of typing a lot, keep your arms on the padded armrest to feel relaxed. To give a luxurious and cool look to your office, the chair has smooth leather with contrasting stitching, making you sit comfortably.  

To provide extra support to your body, it comes with a headrest and arms that add more meaning to the overall look of this office chair. You will remain relax all-day with the padded arms and headrest. Moreover, the 360 degrees swivel and five-star base make it more noticeable among other competitors.

To support the lower part of your back, it provides the back and seat cushioning. It will make you work for a longer duration without any problem. This one of the best big and tall office chairs 2024 has the maximum capacity of 250 lbs weight. You can buy this comfortable chair confidently because it comes with the OFM Limited Warranty. 

  • 360 swivel.nDurable casters.nSegmented padding.nSturdy five-star base. n
  • Assembly instructions are not clear.nLacks tilt lock options.n

Smugdesk Office Chair

If you want to experience more comfort and relaxation during your office timing, buy this amazing Smugdesk Office Chair. To ensure that the health of users doesn’t get affected due to prolonged sitting in their office, it comes with an ergonomic design. So, don’t need to worry about your back or other bodily issues related to long hours sitting in one position.

People who get irritated by sitting on thick unbreathable chairs would be happy to know that it has breathable mesh material. You will not experience sweating even in summer afternoons and will feel cool due to its breathable fabric. 

By offering multiple adjustments, it allows you to do settings as per your body shape. You can drag the seat and headrest up or down according to your height. Adjust the backrest easily and move it either backward or forward according to your body positioning. 

If you don’t have much installation tools at your home or office, don’t worry, this easy-to-install chair requires no extra tools. You can easily install this chair by the instructions available with it. By following the instructions, you can install the chair effortlessly and start using it. 

Whenever you are tired of prolonged gaming or working, tilt the chair from 90-120 degrees towards the back to sit comfortably. To reduce the pressure on your body and ensure the right sitting posture, a pillow is available on the back. That pillow gives full support to your back and helps you sit straight to remain active even after more work. 

  • Easy to install.nAdjustmentable headrest.nDurable and reliable.nBreathable mesh fabric.nErgonomic design.n
  • Not too comfortable armrests. nCasters are not too swift.

YAMASORO Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

If you are tired of sitting on uncomfortable chairs and want to get a more soft chair, YAMASORO Ergonomic is a better solution to your problem. For producing extra comfort, the chair is constructed with durable and soft PU leather. With this comfy material, you’ll never experience numbness after long hours of sitting.

The best office chair 2024 for big guys is environmentally friendly and made up of high-quality materials. The heavy people can easily sit in it comfortably. The cleaning of this chair is not a difficult task. Moreover, the PU leather is fading resistant, durable, and water repellent. 

Due to the high-density and soft foam, you will experience ultra-comfort that you never felt before. Its shape will remain the same even after prolonged heavy use. 

Whenever you are in the mood of relaxing a bit during the hectic routine, recline the chair from 90 to 135 degrees as per your desire. With better height adjustments, lift the chair up or pull it down without any extra effort. 

To help the users move rapidly from one corner of the office to another, the chair comes with durable nylon casters. The best office chair 2024 for large person doesn’t produce any noise when moving around. Because of more comfortable sitting, you’ll always be in a good mood. 

The maximum weight capacity of the chair is 300 pounds. So, this best office chair 2024 for big and tall can bear more weight easily. With the perfect backrest and headrest, the body posture remains firm, and sitting for long hours becomes too comfortable. 

  • Soft PU leather.nFlip-up armrests.nThick padded headrest.nErgonomic design.nNylon sturdy casters.n
  • Non-adjustable lumbar support.

Sadie Big and Tall Office Computer Chair

Sadie Big and Tall is the best office chair 2024 for plus size. It is the chair that combines quality with value and comfort. It gives a classy look to your office and supports even more weighty people to make them use it easily. Up to 350 pounds of weight is the overall capacity of this chair. 

The main issue with many people who sit constantly is backache, mostly lower back pain. To save your lower back from any damage, it provides lumbar support. The arms are adjustable, so everyone can use the chair and set the arms according to their height. 

The breathable mesh material is durable and keeps the user cool. It is a perfect choice for those looking for an affordable office chair. Besides, at a low price, you’ll experience the quality features. So, it offers extra durability and safety to meet the demands of modern industry. 

To give your back proper support for the whole day long, it provides lumbar support that is adjustable and comfortable. The height, as well as the back of the chair, is made by keeping in mind that it should be a perfect fit for every person. 

By reclining the chair, you can enjoy your relaxation time to its fullest. It is capable of bearing 400 pounds weight without any issue. To give relaxation to the user, it comes with a 3 years limited warranty. 

  • Height-adjustable arms.nAdjustable lumbar support. n360 degrees swivel.nSturdy construction.nGood performance.n
  • No headrest. nNot perfect for people with small height.n

La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Office Chair

If you are searching for a durable yet nice-looking office chair, you are in the right place. La-Z-Boy Delano is a big and tall office chair made for home and office use. Moreover, the overall sturdy construction and excellent built-quality make it stand out among others. 

Along with the wide sitting area, the back also supports the tall and big people easily. It’s capable of sustaining almost 350 pounds weight, so don’t think that this chair would not be suitable for your weight. When you are sitting comfortably, only then you can concentrate fully on the task in hand. To accelerate your pace, it comes with handy features that keep you more relax. 

It features Memory Foam System and ComfortCore Plus for ensuring ultra firmness. You can easily adjust the height of the chair according to your table’s height.

This chair is made to keep you relax during working time. With recline and tilt settings, it sets you free to adjust them as you desire. Furthermore, the ergonomically designed chair looks so phenomenal and eye-catching in your office. Made with soft-bonded, durable, and comfortable leather for longer use.

The heavy-duty and sturdy casters make it easy for the user to drag the chair instead of lifting up when changing the setting of your study room or office. Besides, the wooden arms add more meaning to the overall look of the chair. Also, the arms are sturdy and long-lasting. So, as a whole, robust material is used for making the chair. 

  • Weight capacity is 350 pounds.nDurable casters.nRobust PU leather.nAdjustable height.n
  • Expensive. nSmall back.n


When selecting the best big and tall office chair 2024, it’s not too easy. Different factors are to be focused on. Like our top pick, Homall Gaming Office Chair has numerous outstanding features that made us rank it first on the list. 

AmazonBasics High-Back, Adjustable Office Desk Chair is the runner up just because of a downside. The armrests are not adjustable, otherwise, it may have got first place. 

If you have less budget for buying a big and tall office chair, don’t get tensed, we are here to help you out. That’s why we added a budget-friendly office chair to our list also. OFM ESS Collection Racing High Back Office Chair is the best budget chair. It is a fact that it is of low-price but not of low-quality.

For all those who don’t think much about money at the time of buying a product, we enlisted La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Office Chair. You’ll love the comfort and luxury look of this high-end office chair.

We made it more simple for you to select, now the choice is all yours. Select the one that is exactly what you were looking for. 


What is the office chair’s standard height? 

It’s better to buy an office chair whose height can be adjusted easily. You can adjust the height of your chair by using the pneumatic adjustment lever. A seat must be 17-22 inches up from the floor. Adjust the chair according to your height and when your feet are flat on the ground, it’s perfectly adjusted.  

What type of wheels should an office chair have if we have to use it on a hard floor?

The wheels are used for faster mobility. If your office floor is hard, then buy an office chair having soft rubber wheels. But if your office floor is fully carpeted, you should choose an office chair with hard wheels to move around swiftly.  

Should we select the office chair with arms or without arms?

When working for long hours on the computer in our office, we need some place to keep our arms. So, it’s better to choose the office chair with armrests to relax your arms and shoulders when feeling tired.

What should be the weight capacity of an office chair?

Different weight capacity office chairs are available in the market. Most of the standard office chairs are capable of handling 250 pounds weight easily. The more big and tall office chairs can hold 300-800 pounds weight. If you are buying the office chairs for a meeting room where different people would use it, buy the chair with more weight capacity.