Best Budget Office Chair 2024 reviews – Top 8 Picks

The chair plays a vital role in providing you comfort while working in an office. And, undoubtedly, sitting in one of the best office chairs is going to make your office work a lot easier and enjoyable. It is because a quality office chair is not all about the provided comfort but also about health. 

Today, we will talk about the best budget office chair 2024. Many cheap quality office chairs of a meager budget will make you feel like sitting on a wooden chair. But the best budget and quality office chairs will take you to the first class of comfort and support.

Aside from their added support and comfortability, the best office chair 2024 for your budget also provide you with varying adjustability, whether in height, tilt, or lumbar support. All this will help you to tailor the settings perfectly according to your needs.  

Best Budget Office Chair 2024 Comparison Table

Before investing in the best office chair, you need to look for a few things. It is because you may select the product that does not suit your price. In that regard, we have come up with the best budget office chair reviews 2024. You can check out each of them and go for the best one.

Aside from this, we have reviewed hundreds of products, and after that, we have enlisted these products. So, be sure that whichever product you get will be the best one. Following are our top picks for the best budget office chair 2024.

Product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3 Price
Homall Gaming Chair Office Cha Comfortable rest arms. Heavy-duty metal base. Soft and supportive molded foam. Check Price
AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair Much handy for office work. Nice elbow, cushions. Well-designed. Check Price
Gtracing Gaming and Office Chair Heavy-duty base. Smooth-rolling casters. 5-points base built. Check Price
AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair Durable.  Easy assembly. Wide seat-cushion. Check Price
High-Back Office Chair Much versatile. Customer guarantee. Easy assembly. Check Price
Flash Furniture Desk Chair Commercial grade quality. Top-reviewed. Ergonomic back. Check Price
Hbada Office Task Desk Chair Space-saving. Modern look. Enhanced breathability. Check Price
Ergonomic Office Chair Desk Chair Imported. Customizable comfort. Sleek and modern design. Check Price

Homall Gaming and Office Chair

The very first best budget office chair 2024 is the Homall gaming and office chair. As from the name, this chair can be used for multiple purposes. It means that you can use this chair for gaming as well as for the office. 

The manufacturing of this chair is outstanding. The selected material for this chair is remarkable. Most importantly, the foam used in this best budget office chair is a high-density shaping foam. With this, the chair becomes more comfortable and elasticity resilience.

Furthermore, the frame used in this chair is a 1.8 mm thick steel frame. And due to this, the chair becomes more sturdy and stable. Lastly, for coating, pure Pu Leather is used that is skin-friendly and wear-resisting. So your chair will last longer, and you don’t need to worry about its maintenance.

It also contains some other essential features for added convenience. For example, it has a class 3 gas lift, which is more durable and reliable. Additionally, it can supports up to 300 lbs of weight. So if your colleagues are heavyweight, don’t worry, they can sit on this chair conveniently. 

This best value office chair 2024 provides you with 360-degrees swivel angle and multi-directional wheels. With that, you can move anywhere in the office without the need to stand from the seat. Moreover, it also includes a recline function for more comfort. 

The best thing about this chair is that it also features a rocking function. With this function, your chair rocks back and forth whenever you adjust the knob placed under your seat. This chair is also suitable for gaming. You can play games, watch shows, and do your work, and take a rest at it. 

  • Sturdy five-star base.nEasy to move.nPremium Pu leather material.nIncludes headrest pillow.nWell-manufactured.n
  • Requires much care while installing it.nYou may find it challenging to configure the instructions.n

AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair

The office chair helps promote a comfortable seated position, which is essential when you sit at your desk or in front of the computer for long periods. AmazonBasics office desk chair is the second-best budget chair and adds a realistic style to your workspace.

It is an ergonomic office chair with brown PU upholstery (Faux Leather). The coating is done on the seat from all around to ensure the long life of your chair. Furthermore, the foam added to this office chair is of high-quality material. It will also enhance comfort while working. 

It is a 360-degrees swivel best budget desk chair 2024 which means that you can move all around while working. Similarly, it features an adjustable height padded seat. With this, you can adjust the height of your chair according to your requirement.

Furthermore, it also provides you with an adjustable seat angle. So, you can also make the chair reclined in a specific position. So when you are tired of working long hours, you can recline it back and rest for a while. More precisely, this chair’s modern profile offers a professional look to your office. On the other side, its smooth contours and adjustable settings help ensure all-day comfort.

The unique thing about this chair is that it has a 5-legged base. It will increase stability as well as sturdiness. Moreover, durable casters are also included to make the chair move smoothly. 

  • Heavy-duty casters.nFaux Leather upholstery. nEasily adjustable.nBIFMA certified.n
  • The cushion of the seat can be easily damaged.nCan wears fast.n

Gtracing Gaming and Office Chair 

Here is another best budget chair for both office and gaming. If we talk about gaming, then it is a perfect choice. Gtracing is well-known for making the best gaming chair for pro gamers. So, this budget chair will enhance your gaming experience besides office work. 

If we come towards the design then, it is elegant. Having an ergonomic design, it features a strong metal frame. It is to help you make a comfortable seated position. Moreover, it will also keep you comfy after long hours of game or office work. Similarly, it also contains a thick padded back for your next level of comfort all day long. 

This chair provides you with several features for added convenience. It features a comfortable armrest. With this, you can rest your arm for a long time without any problem. Similarly, the height of the chair is easily adjustable. You can adjust it as per the height of the person easily without any trouble. Also, you can easily adjust according to your desk’s height.

Moreover, it also offers large reclining along with a 360-degrees swivel angle. So you can turn to the printer or any other office gadget that is placed at your back. Lastly, the chair also moves smoothly with ease leaving no need for you to reach somewhere.

The material used in the chair is also remarkable. For coating of the seat, Pu leather is used that ensures extra comfort. Additionally, a cushioned seat is also included. The quality of headrest pillows is also suitable for added support and comfort. So there will be no neck pain due to long hours of working.

  • Perfect for gaming.nErgonomic design.nMulti-functional.nHigh-quality material.nAppealing look.n
  • A bit challenging to assemble.nSome parts are of low quality.n

AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair

Here is another AmazonBasics office desk chair. There are several reasons behind putting it on our list. The very reason is that this office desk chair is exceptional in providing comfort. The back of the chair is manufactured by countered mesh. With this, your comfort level enhances.

Plus, it also increases breathability no matter how hot the weather is. This factor provided by the AmazonBasics office chair desk is significant for health. 

If we come towards the seat then, it is also much comforting. The foam used in the seat is made from high-quality material. Moreover, Black, nylon, T-shaped armrests keep your arms relaxed no matter for how long you work in the office. 

Unlike others, it also features pneumonic seat-height adjustments with which you can easily adjust the height of your seat. These simple pneumonic controls will enable you to raise and lower your seat with ease. So, this will help you promote a comforting seat position, which is much essential for hours of work.

Moreover, it provides a 360-degrees Swivel angle so you can rotate your chair all around. So you can turn around to reach anything in the office.

The best thing about this chair is that it contains dual-wheel casters for a smoother move. These durable and reliable dual-wheel casters enable smooth-rolling mobility from one area of your office to another.

  • Adjustable height.nBetter support.nSmooth and sturdy move.nMesh-covered seat and back.n
  • The seat padding is not so thick.nArmrests are not adjustable.n

High-Back Office Chair

This best budget office chair 2024 is well-known for its versatility. It is because, whether you are gaming or working in your office, this ergonomic chair will provide you with unmatched comfort. With this chair, you will get all-day support.

The good thing about this chair is that it is lined with premium PU leather that lasts longer and keeps the chair’s look awesome. Similarly, it has adjustable lumbar support. Along with this, it also contains a headrest pillow for added support to your neck while working for long hours in the office.

Furthermore, this chair also takes care of your spine and neck by protecting them with the help of padded coating. Lastly, the easy lock-tilt and angle adjustment relieve your stress and pressure at the same time. So you will always feel relaxed during your stressful working hours.

The chair’s soft leather lining is further cushioned thickly. Moreover, an adjustable footrest is also included in this chair for maximum comfort. You can adjust it as per your height so that your feet remain straight. On the other side, the heavy-duty metal base allows you to swivel 360-degrees to reach everything in your office.

Similarly, the Nylon smooth-rolling casters will also enable you to move around your office quickly so that you don’t need to stand every minute to reach out to somehting. 

The assembling of this chair is also much easy. This chair comes up with all the hardware and necessary tools. Moreover, with the included step-by-step instruction file, you will assemble it in only 15 minutes.

This Gaming and office chair also offers you to adjust your chair’s height to personally match your needs. It also allows you to easily pullout on the control handle. After that, you can tilt the back seat forward or backward. So whenever you want to relax after working for long hours, you can lean back to relax.

  • Commercial glass-3 gas lift.nSolid and stable.n360-degrees swivel and casters.nBIFMA certified.nAdjustable private custom.n
  • The coating of the seat can be easily damaged.nThe rolling casters are fragile.n

Flash Furniture Desk Chair

It is another best budget office chair 2024 made from premium quality material. Firstly, the seat of this chair is of high-quality foam. After that, the coating is done with pure leather. However, the layer of this chair is done in such a way that it will ensure its long life. 

If we come towards its design, then it is up to the mark. The executive style of this chair makes it perfect for office or desk use. Similarly, the back of this chair has breathable mesh. It further includes support to the lumbar area. With this, the chair will improve posture and comfort for hours of use.

This office chair also features padded flip-up arms. It enhances the versatility of your chair. You can easily adjust them according to your needs. If you flip them down, then you can rest your elbow. Similarly, if you flip them up, you will get a large seating area with more space to move. Also, the storage will become easy because you can put them under the desk.

The adjustments of this chair are also simple. The pneumonic adjustment lever allows you to adjust the height of your chair with ease as per your height. Similarly, the tilt lock mechanism enables rocking and tilting with a locked upright position. You can tilt back to relax and to the normal position during work.

Lastly, a 360 chrome footrest is also available along with the base equipped with caster wheels for easy mobility.

  • Swivel seat on wheels.nMesh back with built-in lumbar support.nPerfect for office and desk.nFootrest and back.n
  • Plastic is used in the base of the chair.nThe mesh used in the back can be easily torn.n

Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

Here comes the special one. This best budget office chair 2024 has a sleek and compact design, which is the best part. The design and manufacturing of this office chair are outstanding. You will be shocked to know that it matches different decorative styles. Similarly, the look provided by this chair is also appealing.

If we come towards its manufacturing, it features a high-density mesh that is much flexible, supportive, and breathable. It is perfect to keep you cool when you work for a long time in summer afternoons. Moreover, this ergonomic backrest will fit your lower back’s natural curve to provide you with extra comfort.

However, it is specially designed to support your lower back. Additionally, this chair will also help you take away your spinal pain.

The second-best part of this office chair is that it is space-saving. It is because you can easily flip the arms of the chair. By flipping up the arms, you can put the chair under the table without any problem. In this way, it becomes a perfect choice for your living room, study room, and office that is facing space issues. 

The adjusting ability of this chair is also smooth, as well as easy. It provides you with pneumonic height adjustable from 17.7 inches to 21.2 inches. Moreover, it also features 120-degrees tilt tension for you to relax after working of long hours. Plus, the weight capacity is too high, i.e., 250 lbs.

Lastly, the base of this chair is also well-built. There is a heavy-duty base comprising of smooth and silenced rolling casters.

  • Saves much of your space.nModern and compact design.n90-degrees adjustable armrest.nCute and simple look.nSolid base.n
  • Some parts are fragile.nDifficult to assemble.n

Ergonomic Office Desk Chair 

Our list’s final product is the Ergonomic Office desk Chair, which is well-known for its extreme comfort. This chair is specially designed to provide long-lasting comfort. Basically, it alleviates back pain. Consequently, it allows you to work for hours. Similarly, the included generously padded backrest and seat cushion also help relieve your back pain and leg pain. 

The design of this chair is also remarkable. This chair allows you to work with style at the office or home. It has soft and pure Pu leather lining. Additionally, this leather is also water and oil resisting that ensures your office chair’s long life. More precisely, this chair is durable and appealing both at the same time. 

This best office chair 2024 in your budget also provides you with customizable comfort. This chair offers adjusting ability to satisfy your individual need. You can adjust the height according to the requirement. Similarly, you can tilt it according to your preference for relaxing after work.

Plus, you will also be allowed to enjoy full mobility on 360-degrees swivel wheels. These wheels allow you to move around the office while you are seated on this chair.

Lastly, the armrests mimic your seating position. On the other side, the adjustable-height works with a standard gas lift to quickly and easily adjust. So whenever your college wants to use your chair, he or she can do it bu adjusting the height of your chair quickly.

  • Sleek and modern design.nErgonomic construction.nBIFMA-certified.nCan move smoothly and easily.n
  • It can lean sideways after prolonged use.nLacks back pillown


Now, let’s conclude our best out of best budget office chair 2024. First of all, the top-pick product on our list is the Homall Gaming Office Chair. It would be the best ever choice for you if you love gaming along with your office work.

If you want just a runner-up for yourself to save some cost, you will still get the best as we choose for you the AmazonBasics Office Desk Chair. It is the best office chair in 2024 for your budget.

Lastly, if your budget is limited and you want buy the best-quality office chair that many people trust, we recommend you the best rated office chair that is Gtracing Gaming and Office Chair


What should I consider before choosing the best budget office chair?

Although there are several factors to consider before choosing the best budget office chair 2024, some of the essential features are the chair’s width, depth, height, footrest, ehadrest, caster wheels, and adjustability for each such function.

Can an office chair help to remove back pain?

Yes, an office chair can help you to remove your back pain. If your best budget office chair 2024 provides that particular shape and comfort to your body, then it is possible.

Is it necessary to buy an office chair with armrests?

It totally depends on your choice. But it is necessary to have the chair with armrests because they further help reduce tiredness, stress, and pressure. And if they are adjustable, it will be a plus.

Are the office chairs with mesh better?

A mesh is something that enhances comfort. It is also much helpful in supporting your back. And most importantly, it increases breathability. So, office chairs with mesh are better.